— Search Process—

Define Client Needs and Position Specification

Conduct Research

Develop Candidates

Assess and Present Candidates

Client/Candidate Interviews

Identify Final Candidate

Complete Search


Meet with client to assess needs
Meet with other key stakeholders to develop client profile (including: culture, position history, organizational structure)
Review timeline and modify as required by client, including key meetings and approach, with client
Develop search strategy and candidate screening criteria
Finalize position specificatio
Source existing candidate network, industry contacts, and internal resources
Initial screening interviews with prospects and sources
Generate interest and provide market feedback to client
Identify “short list” of high potential prospects
Conduct candidate interviews
Confirm candidates’ degrees and references
Schedule Interviews
Prepare candidates and clients for interviews
Make travel arrangements
Obtain client and candidate feedback
Provide input into client selection of final candidate
Conduct detailed candidate references
Assist in structuring offer and compensation package
Negotiate offer on behalf of the client through acceptance
Guide successful candidate through resignation and transitioning processes
Monitor client and candidate satisfaction and progress
Key Deliverables:
Draft of detailed position specification
Final position specification
Progress report (includes sourcing strategy, initial list of target companies and preliminary candidates
Written presentation and evaluation of high-potential candidates
Provide written references
Successful candidate commences employment
A successful search requires high levels of communication and responsiveness
NFS Consulting Group
Investment industry & market expertise
Search strategy
Proactive & responsive process management
Rapid turnaround
“Top tier” candidates
Investment in success
Position Description & Candidate Profile
Access to decision makers
Timely, detailed feedback
The NFS Consulting Group strategically utilizes its internal resources as well as external minority and women’s professional organizations to ensure that we present our clients with candidates who represent a demographic cross section of the population. Our Diversity Practice also offers strategic search capabilities for Pipeline Programs and other targeted client requests.